How to Get to the Venue

How to Get to the Venue

Last modified: 26. August 2022

The easiest way to get from the airport to the university is by taxi. The official taxi provider of the airport is Főtaxi. Reservations can be made online via the offical website of the company, or after arrival in person at the Főtaxi booths located at the exits of Terminals 2A and 2B. At the taxi ranks in front of the stands, taxis are continuously waiting for passengers. A ride to Gödöllő costs approximately 15-18.000 HUF, duration is 30 minutes.

From Budapest Airport you can reach Gödöllő by the minibus service "miniBUD" as well, that is the official airport shuttle service provider for Budapest Airport. Rides can be reserved in advance on the website, and cost 39.900 HUF (one way, the cost is devided between the number of passengers). This service is only recommended if several participants arrive or depart by air at the same time.

Public transport:
Busline no. 100E is operating between the airport and the center of Budapest, Deák Square (Deák tér). The price is 1.500 HUF, duration 40 minutes. From Deák Square you can continue your travel by Metro line no. 2 (M2) to Keleti Railway Station (Keleti Pályaudvar). Ticket price is around 400 HUF, duration is 10-15 minutes. From Keleti Railway station you can travel by railway to Gödöllő, the price is 700 HUF, duration is 30-35 minutes. After arriving to Gödöllő station, the university can be reached by a 5-minute walk, the dormitories by a 10-minute walk.

The longest way to get to Gödöllő is by suburban railway (HÉV). After taking the Metro line no. 2 (M2) from Deák Square to Örs vezér Square (Örs vezér tere)  - it is a 20-minute ride - you need to change to the suburban railway and travel the whole line until Gödöllő. This takes approx. 45 minutes and you need 2 tickets: one for the Budapest area and one extension ticket for 20 kms (both around 400 HUF). Gödöllő station is the same as the railway station.

Public transport tickets can be purchased at the BKK customer service centres at Terminals 2A and 2B, as well as from BKK ticket vending machines near the entry points to the terminals. The 100E airport shuttle bus single ticket and the other BKK tickets are available digitally in different mobile apps, such as the BudapestGO app.